Turnkey fuel logistics for complex global operations

Turnkey Fuel Logistics Provide Solutions in Challenging Environments

Turnkey fuel logistics deliver reliability when you need it most. As the parent company of NCS Fuel, we fully understand the unique logistical challenges of operating in multiple geographies and in-theater environments. We provide energy, fuel, lubricants, logistics, card programs, and financial services.

We serve government air, sea and ground operations; military installations; multinational corporations; and complex industrial operations.


Our Solutions



Effective solutions for government and defense aviation

You need effective aviation solutions. Whatever your geography, we develop custom programs to mitigate risks and maintain continuity of supply. We offer multiple grades of fuel, storage, distribution, into-plane and ground fueling, technical services, price risk management, and complete outsourcing with our fuel management solution.




Reduce your risk and sustain your complex marine operations

Get specialized supply and logistics solutions for the marine sector. We have trusted supplier relationships, technical expertise, and storage and transport assets in major ports around the world, to serve military naval operations and unique maritime businesses including offshore. Our extensive global network enables fuel and lubricant supply, wherever you are.



Expert knowledge for complex commercial and industrial operations

Trust us for confident delivery. We secure supply routes and handle logistics for specialized operations including mining, oil and gas, ground-based government defense. With extensive unconventional logistics knowledge, including managing locations in multiple countries, our experts provide exceptional value with secure, high-quality fuel supply, price risk management, operations support, and technical services.