Fuel supply and trusted partnership for Distributors

Distributor Fuel and Energy Supply to be More Efficient

Distributor fuel and energy solutions can help optimize your fuel supply chain. We provide a full spectrum of fuel products, services, and logistics to make you more operationally efficient and competitive.


Our Solutions

Flexible delivery options

Get access to an extensive distribution network that includes hundreds of terminals across the U.S. and local depots across the U.K. Our global logistics team offers flexible delivery options backed by a network of regional offices with local operational and logistics support. 


Reliable supply and procurement solutions

Manage your fuel program 24/7 with trusted supply and a transparent procurement process. We provide price indications and fuel availability data, coordinate supply with agents and suppliers, and handle all logistics. 


A range of diverse fuel products

Fuel needs can change. We have you covered with our large distribution network, physical supply inventories, and longstanding relationships with global suppliers. We offer 180+ high-quality fuel and energy product blends including renewable fuels and lubricants, all at competitive prices. 


Find fuel and energy products and services near you

We proudly serve customers throughout the U.S. – and around the world.




Effective payment and processing solutions

Save time and money. Our fleet fuel card program provides security controls, reduces paperwork and helps you manage costs and our proprietary credit card processing network reduces transaction fees at a competitive market price. We offer customized private label billing and payment solutions that simplify operations so you can focus on your core business.


Custom purchasing options give you choices

Control your fuel costs. We offer flexible credit terms, index-based and contract purchasing, and daily rack purchasing options. And our price risk management solutions help balance market instability with programs aligned to your business objectives and budget.


C-store solutions to increase profitability

Relationships with your retail customers are the backbone of your business. Our c-store development services*  branding, single and multi-store operator support are designed to make you more profitable. We also offer a flexible branding solution for c-stores, our proprietary AMSTAR® brand. 

*Available to U.S. distributors


Contact Our Global Experts

Our highly experienced global team of local professionals is available around the clock with customized fuel and energy solutions.