Specialized expertise in the Public Sector

Public Sector Fuel and Energy Solutions Informed by Experience

Public sector fuel purchasing protocols are unique. Work with a knowledgeable, preferred partner. You can rely on our extensive experience working with municipal and government fleets and facilities.

Our Solutions

Stay on budget with competitive prices

Get competitively-priced 24/7 product supply thanks to our network of physical inventories and strong relationships with suppliers around the world. Our portfolio includes more than 180 fuel products and lubricants


Energy management to improve efficiency

Maximize your operating budget. We help you uncover opportunities to reduce energy consumption and lower emissions. Our energy management services include cost-effective procurement strategies for natural gas, electricity, and renewable fuels.



Mitigate risk and plan ahead more effectively

Protect your budgetary targets. Our price risk management solutions help you increase predictability with flexible and varied price options. Our expertise covers all major global indices with embedded, physical and financial derivatives programs to fit all your needs.



Find fuel and energy products and services near you

We proudly serve customers throughout the U.S. – and around the world.




Flexible purchase and delivery options

When it comes to purchasing, one size doesn’t fit all. We provide bulk and contract options, and tailor specifications to meet your operational requirements. Our versatile bulk quantities range from 400 to 8,000 USG and include overseas ISO container options.



Fuel card programs to increase your efficiency

Managing fuel operations for an entire fleet is a challenge. Let us help. Our fleet card programs make the process easier with programs that manage costs, provide security controls, and minimize paperwork.



Strategic storage options

Governments and municipalities often need to optimize inventory and storage operations. Our inventory and storage services help your operations. We provide storage facility installation, leasing, equipment, fuel inventory management, and operations based on your specific requirements.


Contact Our Global Experts

Our highly experienced global team of local professionals is available around the clock with customized fuel and energy solutions.