Your trusted Retail partner for fuel supply and operational support

Retail Fuel Solutions to Meet Your Customers Needs

Retail operations require one-on-one support. Let us help fuel your retail ambitions. Whether you’re new to the industry, ready to build or purchase, or need reliable fuel supply, we’re the trusted partner for American retailers.


Our Solutions

Valuable c-store experience

Your c-store needs fuel specialists with the right experience. Most of our professionals have either owned or operated a c-store and offer intelligent insights. We also provide ongoing operational support including 18,000 hours of operational training for our customers in 2015. 



Supply you can depend on

Land Retail

Get fuel delivered. With supply agreements in more than 230 U.S. markets and relationships with major and regional refiners, we are your reliable fuel supplier. Our fleet of modern transport vehicles and partnerships with a network of common carriers keeps you up and running 24/7.


Grow your business with AMSTAR

Land Retail

Your business runs on branding. AMSTAR allows you to select the best options for your customers. Benefits include modern image packages; access to competitively priced, reliable unbranded fuel supply; an attractive cents-at-the-pump rollback program; a trusted, proprietary credit card processing network, and easy integration with the majority of PCI-compliant point-of-sale systems.



Find fuel and energy products and services near you

We proudly serve customers throughout the U.S. – and around the world.




Strategic business development to increase profits

Discover a brand new strategy. With branded programs from every major, and unbranded programs including AMSTAR®, we help you make the right choice for your market. Our experienced development team supports with real estate, re-imaging, vendors, and credit card processing.


Contact Our Global Experts

Our highly experienced global team of local professionals is available around the clock with customized fuel and energy solutions.