Total LNG supply management services

LNG Supply Management Solutions from Marine Fuel Experts

LNG supply management from World Fuel Services can help you prepare for 2020. We analyze bunkering infrastructure, refueling logistics and ports, supply sourcing, and pricing options to create an LNG program customized to your operations.


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Secure supply and quality consulting

Develop a comprehensive LNG supply strategy. Our technical and market experts work with you to create a plan tailored to your business. Plans include supply sourcing as well as consulting on various grades and quality specs for optimum engine performance.


Expert analysis on infrastructure and port logistics

Get trusted LNG advice. We analyze bunkering infrastructure and develop operations manuals and training programs for safe operations. Our refueling logistics and port analysis identifies ports suitable for LNG bunkering, specific to your fleet and helps secure permits. 

The most competitive LNG supply solution

Find the best possible prices. From the commissioning of LNG fueled vessels, we assist in supplier selection, and advise on pricing options, including providing projections and formulating the most competitive supply scenarios at selected ports taking fixed price or cap price options into account.